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The Problem of Free Will and Its Solution

Categories: Soul Doctrine
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Since the beginning of science, nature was believed to be controlled by some laws which can be used to make predictions about the future independent of the individual observers. The observers cannot have choices because through these choices the future could be changed, in contradiction to the laws of nature. Therefore, if free will exists, then there cannot be predictive laws of nature. Conversely, if there are laws of nature, then there cannot be free will. The modern scientific idea of natural laws has therefore created a problem of free will. There is, however, an alternative idea of laws in the Vedic system that create reality through the combination of three potentialities. If the soul associates with this combination, then it is bound. But the soul has a choice to dissociate with this combination too. In this course, we will discuss the problem of material bondage and how one gains freedom from this bondage by use of will.

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Course Content

The Process of Material Bondage

  • The Material Constrain of Chitta
  • The Material Constrain of Guna
  • The Material Constrain of Karma
  • Development of Mind and Body
  • The Role of Time and Choice

The Process of Material Release

Nuances on the Concept of Free Will

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