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Seven Complementary Approaches to the Mind

Categories: Mind Science
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Modern psychology is mostly a riddle. To tackle it, psychologists have advanced seven different schools about the mind. These are (1) Functionalism that studies the mind as an information processor, (2) Behaviorism that studies the mind through its behaviors, (3) Constructivism that studies the mind as a meaning-making instrument, (4) Emotivism that gives priority to emotions in governing behavior, (5) Structuralism that sees common structures across human minds, (6) Intentionalism that focuses on the drive toward self-actualization, and (7) Psychoanalysis that studies the unconscious. Each of these is partially true of the mind, and yet, there is no method to integrate them into a single theory. Collectively, they constitute incomplete and inconsistent theories of the mind. In this course, we will discuss these seven approaches and reconcile them through a model that sees them as different aspects of a person.

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Seven Theories of the Mind

  • The Functionalist Theory of the Mind
  • The Behaviorist Theory of the Mind
  • The Constructivist Theory of the Mind
  • The Emotivist Theory of the Mind
  • The Structuralist Theory of the Mind
  • The Psychoanalytic Theory of the Mind
  • The Intentionalist Theory of the Mind

Seven Aspects of a Person

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