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Is Monotheism About God or Religion?

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Contrary to common belief, “monotheism” is not a comprehensible word and every translation of this word given by monotheists (i.e., the followers of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) results in self-contradiction. In this course, we will discuss the contradictions resulting from translating monotheism as “one God” or “God is one”, by successively applying first-order logic, second-order logic, set theory, operator theory, and arithmetic to show how each of these interpretations of monotheism results in a self-contradiction.

We will then discuss how each of the above interpretations of monotheism is free from the above-noted contradictions in Vedic philosophy. Finally, we will discuss the meanings of terms such as “first God” and “one God” and show how they are not contradictory to “second God” and “two Gods” in Vedic philosophy. Therefore, Vedic traditionalists can talk about monotheism in a completely different way than monotheistic religions.

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Course Content

Western Conception of Monotheism

  • Epistemological vs. Ontological Monotheism
  • Problems of Ontological Monotheism
  • Varied Meanings of Supremacy

Vedic Conception of Monotheism

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