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Fundamental Flaws of Evolutionary Theory

Categories: Life Science
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The modern theory of biological evolution postulates that new species are created from older ones through random mutations to the genetic code followed by the natural selection of the species produced from that genetic code. There are two major issues with this model of evolution. First, evolutionary history shows short periods of rapid species expansion followed by long periods of species stability. However, there is nothing in evolutionary theory to explain bursts of species creation followed by long periods of species stability. Second, species exist in ecosystems of food, water, and air cycles which can emerge only when a large number of species are co-created. However, there is nothing in evolutionary theory to explain how a large number of species can be co-created to form a stable ecosystem of food, water, and air cycles.

Apart from these issues in evolutionary theory, there are two major inherited problems from physics. First, for natural selection to occur, there must be a clear boundary between an organism and its environment because natural selection occurs at the organism-environment boundary. But there is nothing in physics to explain how a collection of subatomic particles acquires a boundary. Second, random changes to subatomic reality make the existence of stable reality impossible, including biological species. Without a resolution of this problem, we must have random and rapid evolution without any stable species. In this course, we will discuss problems unique to evolutionary theory and problems it has inherited from physics.

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Punctuated Equilibrium and Ecosystem Stability

  • Life Exists in Large and Stable Ecosystems
  • Ecosystems as Cyclical Pyramids
  • Other Examples of Cyclical Pyramids
  • The Necessity of Punctuated Equilibrium

Quantum-Compatible Notion of Species

An Anti-Reductionist Theory of Evolution

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