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Fundamental Failures of Modern Science

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Modern science uses a model of knowledge based on axioms, logic, objectivity, mathematics, and mechanism. Axioms are the basic truth. From it, other truths are derived by logic. Since the axioms are fixed, therefore, to test these against reality, each thing must also be a fixed thing, which is called objectivity. To avoid subjective opinion, objects must be reduced to numbers through a measurement, called mathematization. Objects are divided into smaller objects and their interaction constitues the working of a machine. Each of these assumptions is false.

  • Flaw of Axiomatization: Ideas do not have an independent existence. They always exist in a person. Ideas don’t govern objects. Persons impart ideas to other persons who may accept them and be governed by them or reject those ideas be either expelled from that control, punished due to that control, or go to another place to be controlled in a different way.
  • Flaw of Logic: Logic doesn’t create new ideas. A person creates new ideas from previous ideas but the creative process is not necessarily logical. Purpose and emotion are as much involved in the creative process as reason. Quite often, ideas simply appear in persons but those who get suc creative insights have no explanation for how it came about.
  • Flaw of Objectivity: A person is not a fixed thing. He is many things, some of which are seen context-sensitively. A measurement reveals one of the many possible properties while hiding other properties, like a person reveals different aspects of their persona to different persons. The context-sensitivity of the measurement result undermines objectivity.
  • Flaw of Mathematization: Arithmetic assumes that two things follow the distributive, commutative, and associative properties of number additon but this is often not true. Criticism before appreciation has different effects than appreciation before criticism. Mixing capitalism and socialism produces something finite and non-zero.
  • Flaw of Mechanization: Machines do not possess capacities for self-knowledge, self-correction, or self-replication. Persons are necessary to create, replicate, monitor, and improve machines. If those persons were themselves machines, then there will be no capacity to generate, preserve, and improve machines and life won’t exist.

Since all assumptions in modern science are false, therefore, these flaws have been exposed over time. They could have been anticipated with critical thinking at the beginning of modern science. Since that is water under the bridge now, we can only examine these imminent failures now and connect them to the causes of these failures in incorrect axioms. In this article, I will analyze the above five assumptions successively and illusrate their problems.

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Course Content

Comprehensive Failure of Mathematics

  • Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem
  • Objectification is the Root Problem
  • Using the Inverted Tree Illustration
  • Many Formulations of the Problem

Comprehensive Failure of Mechanism

Comprehensive Failure of Objectification

Comprehensive Failure of Logicization

Comprehensive Failure of Axiomatization

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