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Critique of Advaita Impersonalism

Categories: Vedānta System
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Advaita Impersonalism can be summarized into four claims: (a) Brahman is real or true, (b) the material world is false, (c) the soul or living entity is Brahman, and (d) there is nothing beyond Brahman. We have to remember that the first three of these claims are partially accepted by Personalists, while the fourth one is completely rejected. However, even for someone to reject the fourth claim, the first three have to be understood in greater detail. In this course, we will analyze each of these four claims in great detail and discuss their nuances. We will then see that the fourth claim becomes completely false when the first three partially true claims are understood and accepted in a nuanced manner currently absent in Advaita.

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Course Content

Problem and Solution Overview

  • The Problem of Conflicting Authorities
  • Secularizing Vedic Philosophy
  • An Illustration of Secularization
  • Spirit vs. Matter Distinction

Varied Impersonal Doctrines

Flaws of Impersonalism

The Alternative to Impersonalism

The Doctrine of Bhedābheda

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