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Ashish Dalela

Ashish Dalela has a M.Sc. from IIT Kanpur. He has authored many books on the problems of materialism and reductionism in modern science, and how alternative semantic and non-reductionistic notions can be used to solve these problems. He started Shabda Academy to educate interested students about the presuppositions in modern science, the problems with these assumptions, and how they lead to limitations in scientific knowledge. Without a firm grounding in the problems, it is very hard to establish the necessity for any kind of alternative.

Modern Meaning of Brahmana

There is a grave need at present for Brahmanas who know and speak the truth. The problem is that even if they spoke the truth, almost nobody would accept it because the falsehoods of materialism, agnosticism, atheism, and hedonism are deeply entrenched in people’s minds. The modern education system teaches these falsehoods and advances the idea that life is an… Read More »Modern Meaning of Brahmana

A Parrot and a Lotus

A lotus is called paṅkaja in Sanskrit, which means “born from wet mud”. A saintly person who lives in a decrepit world is compared to a lotus because even as the lotus is born from the mud, and lives in it, it remains unaffected. A parrot, called śuka in Sanskrit, is known to repeat what it has heard, without modification.… Read More »A Parrot and a Lotus